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                               YOUTH ELIXIR 4ALL

Openshowstudio is organizing a series of artistic  co-operative actions, at some of the finest and most beloved Greek beaches now included in a “for sale” state list, for mass tourism ... development. The project is underlying their no-money-can-buy precious value as a nature gift and a public good.                                    

A playful tribute trip to the Greek seashore, our reference point, our greatest common love.
On: Summer ’14.


An underwater performance at the open sea of Ag. Anna, at Marianna wreck, a cargo ship sank on 1981 after crashing on to a reef.
The performance will come as a symbolic statement, underlying the great attraction value of the hidden Aegean underwater monuments, as another alternative of mild cultural touristic development.
Underwater performance by Sofia Touboura and Aimy Palogiannidou`

Concept: Sofia Touboura
With the gentle support of Blue Fin Divers scuba diving center at Agios Prokopios.
Αugust 17, 10:30 am.



An underwater sculpture installation at the seabed of Ag. Prokopios, at the side of the rocks where landforms and fauna become very interesting. 
The sculptures resemble coral forms and are made out of concrete. 
The public installation is a symbolic statement in favor of the public nature of the foreshore. 
Concrete, although non toxic as a material, is because of its abuse perceived as linked to a misconceived, environmentally and aesthetically destructive development. This alternative artistic use of concrete was thus selected as a symbolic counter, as a reference to the option of a positive, gentle and harmonious development of coastal life and activities, and by extension a harmonious coexistence of nature and human culture.
Sculptures will be visible by snorkeling from above and scuba diving from all angles.
Τhey will remain exhibited in the seabed of Agios Prokopios, in public view. 

Scultpure and concept by Sofia Touboura.
Setting by Sofia Touboura and 
with the gentle support of Blue Fin Divers scuba diving center at Agios Prokopios.

Border Maniacs

ATI Collective,  Italian based team of visual artists and architects, presents the perforative action “Border Maniacs”at Αchivadolimni (or Chivadolimni), Mylos island: a big sandy beach in front of a lake which is included in the Network NATURA 2000- the biggest natural wetland in the Cyclades and an important station for migratory birds (there are swans and flamingos).  

An area of 63.800sq2 meters, now for sale to investors.

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