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In the current financial situation, according to which culture tends to be institutionally treated as a needless luxury, OpenShowstudio held an Open Call inviting art students to respond through their work to this very question: Why art now; a question, which actually troubles the majority of creators in Greece and in Europe. The welcome to this call was warm and strong proposals came both from students in Greece and abroad.


The selected participants are: Úlfur Karlsson (Iceland), Jean-Philippe Paumier (France), Martinka Bobrikova (Slovakia) and Oscar de Carmen (Spain), Kristian Zara (Albania / Greece), Vassiliki Spyrou, Dimitris Lambrou, Vassia Katsarela , Athena Pappa, Giorgos Tsakalis, Philippos Vassiliou, Joanna Gouzeli, Elias Polichroniadis, Anna Vassof, Vassiliki Sifostratoudaki. *

At the opening, Saturday 31th March, 2012, the presentations of their proposals will be accompanied by actions (performances) of emerging Greek artists. Kangaroo Court group, a collective, whose core consists of Ameladiotis Dimitirios, Simos Veis, Philippos Gkountzos, Elena Koukoli, Jordan Papadopoulos, Nana Sachini and Ioanna Stratoglou, will present an action of various expressive art forms which will interact and function as communicating vessels. In a joint project entitled “Deliver Your Virgins Or We Burn The City”, which refers to the spirit of the times, Stelios Karamanolis, Georgia Karidis and Tula Plumi are trying to approach the concepts of conflict and negotiation. By realizing combat tactics as a means of creating a shell to harden oneself, they create an ode to toughness. Vassilis Botoulas will negotiate the theme of the exhibition in an unorthodox way, in the documentary Why Art Now. People widely regarded as irrelevant to the matter, are being interviewed and offer their view on the subject. Maria Lianou will “vandalize” the outer wall of the studio drawing one of her signs- messages which are part of her work.

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