Versaweiss The Stars Can't Be Wrong digital print 2012

Vasilis Botoulas why art now documentary documentary 2012

Dimitris Ameladiotis Untitled ameladiotis mixed media installation 2012

NIkos Doulos sperma

Bas Hendrikx passiflora

Annegien van Doorn glass orchestra

Adrian Brun paradise

Monika Pavlechova Retention and Protention installation 2011

Ino Varvariti TRUE BLUE drawing-installation 2011

The Vitrina Project

June 2010 and on


21 artists for 21 weeks, each artist for each week, present their work art the entrance of Openshowstudio,close to Monastiraki metro station.

Works will be visible from the street 24 hours per day. At the end of that period, on December 2010, a group exhibition of the participants will take place in the interior space of the studio.



Monthly presentations at the Vitrina


Vitrina goes on with monthly presentations. You asked for it, we did it.