artists' exhibition views phantom1 2012

Nikos Arvanitis Beat 2012

Margarita Myrogianni Dishevel 2012

Pavlina Verouki Midhat Bashat Street 2007

Maria Karantzi God is so good to me all the time 2012

Foteini Kalle It's not about time 2012

Claudio Correa La Bandera del sospechoso 2009

Francisco Shultz the Rage of the Legless Horses 2000

Jorge CabiesesValdés the Miniature 2011

A phantom limb: the sensation that an amputated or missing limb is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts.


The Phantom Limb consists of a selection of works by Greek and Chilean artists. The exhibition is brought together at a time when in Greece the whole nation is protesting against the capitalistic reorganization of the country and in an almost exclusively privatized Chile people are out on the streets demanding free education and a real welfare state. We put forward the interaction of ten artists and one documentarian using these circumstances as a starting point of convergence.

In the epicenter of a polyphony of themes and mediums, are the artists and the solutions they turn to, caught between the dichotomy of their function as social beings and their own authorial practice.

Organised by Maria Karantzi and Jorge Cabieses Valdés