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On Sunday 28th of April 2013, Aimy Palogiannidou organized a group action in a public space in the area of City, a new-built area in central London with contemporary buildings where the offices of the city’s biggest companies are hosted. Her aim is the production of a situation, which will challenge (locally and instantly) the established order of the everyday and contribute to the creation of a new local environment. Performing at a space with a background of the majestic skyscrapers of City of London, a group of people with playful attitude and a sense of teamwork will be called to “play”, transform and alter a word made of cardboard. This will be the reformed word “ I D I O T E S “ referring to the English word idiot (=stupid, individual with bad judgment) and derives from the Greek word ιδιώτης(=private, someone who is characterized by self-centeredness and denies to participate in public affairs, person with bad judgment in public and political matters, person lacking professional skill).


London is a big metropolis that represents our modern society and encourages competition and individualism. The dry professionalism of London has led to a sterilization of the world that threatens to wipe out any spontaneity or playfulness. Aimy Palogiannidou explores the urban space using practices like dérive and psychogéography and she is interested in the interaction between urban environment and everyday life. For her, the city street is the essential space of the everyday where life is performed. It is the space between private and public where the everydayness is conceived with what is lived.

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