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We who look for adventure everywhere

We're not your enemies

We want to give you vast and strange domains

Where mystery in flower spreads out for those who would pluck it

There you may find new fires colors you have never seen before

A thousand imponderable phantasms

Still awaiting reality


Pity us who fight always at the boundaries

Of infinity and the future


La Jolie Rousse

Guilliaume Apollinaire


Public Issue #4: British Holiday/ local views

On Sunday the 14th of April, Giusy Pirrotta will project some 35mm slides from personal and family archive of people she has never met, in public spaces around her neighbourhood, Turnpike Lane area north east London.These are part of her personal collection of found slides and equipment she likes to modify and re-use.

Family archive and documentation of travel are usually privately and intimately viewed and experienced, and meant to be projected inside a living room or in a domestic sphere, or forgotten in a drawer. Guisy Pirrotta will curiously examine how these images will stand in a different frame of a public sphere. She names it after the name on the found slide box, British Holiday: local views


*Openshowstudio continues its new project, Public Issues:

a series of visual, or other, presentations concerning the public sphere. Young,  artists leave their comment-stigma in different parts of the urban, European, or other, public space. Openshowstudio is responsible for the coordination, documentation, communication and archiving of their actions.

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