Public issue#1: NEW MOON


Pavlos Tsakonas, on February 10, on the new moon,  cleans a feeble wall somewhere in Kypseli area, central Athens. He does it the traditional way,  using lime, which kills the germs, and afterwards he decorates it , in order for it to be, other than clean, very beautiful as well. 

(a symbolic gesture of purification and redefinition, on a day of the lunar month,  interculturally and traditionally considered to be the most appropriate for detachments from the past and new beginnings)


 * The Openshowstudio announces its new project, Public Issues:

a new series of visual, or other, presentations concerning the public sphere. Young, or other,  artists leave their comment-stigma in different parts of the urban, or other,  public space. Openshowstudio is responsible for the coordination, documentation, communication and archiving their actions.

Pavlos Tsakonas full moon public action Athens 2013