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Public issue#1: NEW MOON

Pavlos Tsakonas, on February 10, on the new moon,  cleans a feeble wall somewhere in Kypseli area, central Athens. He does it the traditional way,  using lime, which kills the germs, and afterwards he decorates it , in order for it to be, other than clean, very beautiful as well. 

(a symbolic gesture of purification and redefinition, on a day of the lunar month,  interculturally and traditionally considered to be the most appropriate for detachments from the past and new beginnings)


 * The Openshowstudio announces its new project, Public Issues:

a new series of visual, or other, presentations concerning the public sphere. Young, or other,  artists leave their comment-stigma in different parts of the urban, or other,  public space. Openshowstudio is responsible for the coordination, documentation, communication and archiving their actions.

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