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bound: 1. A boundary, a limit. / 2.tied /  3. to leap forward or upward; spring



Under the multiple readings of the title, “Bound” presents artists from the Balkan region.

Given that the issue of ever-reforming identities is constantly present in the region –where historical, racial, political, gender, artistic, ontological terms are at stake-, the exhibition explores the interrelationship of participants within this reality of continuous flux, their interaction with and their attitude towards it.

Artists from different starting points and backgrounds and looking towards different directions, each one with his/her own artistic language, negotiate issues of how to define and abolish limits, divisions and restrictions, in a direct and caustic manner.

Participants: Pravdoliub Ivanov/Bulgaria, Νemanja Nikolić/Serbia, Marko Tadić/Croatia, Ender Gelcec/Turkey, Stela Vula/Albania, Dušica Dražić&Sam Hopkins/ Serbia&Kenya, Jana Stojaković/Serbia, Filippos Gountzos/Greece-Albania, Vasilis Chatzopoulos/Greece, Fani Sofologi/Greece, Em Kei & Nicolaich/Greece


Co-curated by Nana Sachini, Maria Lianou, Sofia Touboura

Comes as participating project in Through the Roadblocks project of NeMe (

june 2012

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