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vitrina project at Kynosargous

OpenShowstudio's Vitrina project is back, this time at Kynosargous square, opposite Acropolis. Kynosargous took its' name from the Cynical philosophers, that used to gather there as they were not welcome by the ... athenian philosophical establishment, based down the Acropolis hill. 

Openshowstudio, Tymfristou 13, Kynosargous square, Athens

Marina Velisioti/
Suddenly there's a valley

On the next Vitrina of Openshowstudio, visual artist Marina Velisioti presents her work “Suddenly there’s a valley” - 2018, a handwoven tapestry (acrylic yarn, cotton, silk) made on a diy loom box.


The artwork is visible from the street 24/7.

From 31 January to 5 March.


Foteini Palpana / Islands on my mind grow on my back

Openshowstudio presents the Foteini’s Palpana artwork “Islands on my mind grow on my back”, in the frame of Vitrina Project at the glass front of the studio.


“Islands on my mind grow on my back” was created in 2021, continuing Palpana’s work on the subjects of the ground and the landscape.


The colourful, heavy islands were built out of a layering process in order to be viewed, touched, walked upon and carried, or in order to remind us of a violent exclusion.


*Visiting hours or a health certificate are not required to see the artwork, as it is visible from the street 24/7.


* Vitrina project is the older project of Openshowstudio. It started at Psyrri area, at 2010 and now it restarts at a new address, at Kynosargous square, behind national contemporary art museum and opposite Acropolis.

Duration: 30/11-22/12 

No opening


Eleanna Balesi / Sofia Toubourra

Vitrina Project restarts with Eleanna Balesi in a visual conversation with Sofia Touboura.  Eleanna Balesi transforms remains of “traditional” digital documentation data means ( CD’s, DVD’s ) into organic shapes - snapshots of an imaginative landscape. Sofia Toubourra aka Toubourra creates an imaginative landscape as well, through processing digital archives, uniting images of natural greenery in a large fractal and printing them on textile.


No opening or entrance inside the space take place, instead the exhibition is covid and covid pass free, through being lighted and visible from the street 24/7.


Duration: 20 September - 8 November

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