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Mass Independent Fractionation (Open@ArtVerona)

Mass-independent fractionation


Mass-independent (isotope) fractionation refers to any chemical or physical process that acts to separate isotopes*, where the amount of separation does not scale in proportion with the difference in the masses of the isotopes.

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noun Chemistry .

any of two or more forms of a chemical element, having the same number of protons in the nucleus, or the same atomic number, but having different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus, or different atomic weights.



 The physical or chemical process described above is used as an enlightening analogue to the nature of two artistic couples’ co-existance and co-operation: Sofia Touboura and Thanos’ Tsakonas and Sofia Touboura and Panagiotis Samsarelos.

The project was exhibited in Art Verona 2013.

"Openshowstudio. Thanos Tsakonas is a photographer. Both are partly based in Athens, Greece. Together they recently founded TAMTOI art & design in space, an initiation aiming to introduce contemporary Greek art scene in the field of everyday domestic or professional life of the audience, using, as a “Trojan horse”, reproducible, applied and thus affordable forms of presentation. Though TAMTOI team counts several artists, its’ basis are works that come as product of its’ founders’ co-operation.

Panagiotis Samsarelos is a visual artist using various media. Him and Sofia Touboura worked together in her series of large dimensional installations Unmonumental, episode 4 and 5, where he artistically appeared as a special guest. He also individually designs for TAMTOI, stating the course of this couple exactly the contrary of the first one. 

The project aims to illustrate this very freely developing process leading from different and yet somehow connected solo art forms of expression, to common art work, and backwards.

Both individual and common art-works will be presented. 

Participants: TAMTOI art’n’design, Sofia Touboura, Thanos Tsakonas, Panagiotis Samsarelos


Art Verona, 10-14 October "

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