the Absolute YOUTH ELIXIR 4ALL

the Absolute YOUTH ELIXIR 4ALL

Openshowstudio and visual artist Sofia Touboura are organizing a series of artistic  co-operative actions, at some of the finest and most beloved Greek beaches*, underlying their no-money-can-buy precious value as a public good. A tribute trip to the Greek seashore, our reference point, our greatest common love.

On: Greek Summer ’14. 

*now icluded in a “for sale” state catalogue

mooring** no1

Αchivadolimni (or Chivadolimni),Mylos island: a big sandy beach in front of a lake which is included in the Network NATURA 2000- the biggest natural wetland in the Cyclades and an important station for migratory birds (there are swans and flamingos).

An area of 63.800sq2 meters, now for sale to investors.

 A Sofia's Touboura co-operation with Αti Collective, an Italy based team of visual artists and architects. (http://aticollective.wix.com/aticollective)

**το δέσιμο του πλοίου

more details to be constantly announced 





Dayz  of Glory:


Openshowstudio presenting an one off audio and visual art event at a large warehouse and its yard, in the post industrial area of Tavros, Athens, on Mayday 2014.

A comment on the Greek Now, Then and on the future to come.

Text-chronicle by Johannes Nilo, a Swedish curator living in Switzerland, a stranger in town.

Concept, visual exhibition organization: Sofia Touboura and Pavlos Tsakonas

Audio live organization: Yorgia Karydi

From 12:00pm. Christostomou Smirnis 17, Xemantilotos Voulknizater.


Nana Sachini, Extra Conjugal (Irini Karayannopoulou+ Sébastien Marteau), Pavlos Tsakonas, Panos Papadopoulos, Yorgia Karidi (aka Dona Kont), Toula Ploumi, Stelios Karamanolis, Sofia Touboura, Theodora Malamou, Maria Lianou, Vaggelis Hoursoglou(aka Woozy), Irini Bachlitzanaki, Eva Mitala, Giorgos Stamkopoulos, Stavro Christo Vlachakis, Thanos Tsakonas, George Tourlas, Zoe Paul, Margarita Bofiliou, Ioanna Gouzeli, Eleni Bagaki, Amalia Vekri, Antigone Theodorou, Paki Vlassopoulou, Stefania Strouza, Kathrin Freytag


the whole shebang! (Natassa Giannaraki, Alexandros Alexandridis) https://soundcloud.com/thewhole-shebang

οι cave diet ( Yiannis Kotsonis, Danae Stefanou) http://cavediet.bandcamp.com/

(Dimitris Papadatos / KU, Korinna Triandafylidis)



, http:// www.georgesjacotey.info/

Zombie Penguin And The Glory Holes






Public Issue#10 - Thanos Tsakonas

Public Issue#10 - Thanos Tsakonas


We who look for adventure everywhere

We're not your enemies

We want to give you vast and strange domains

Where mystery in flower spreads out for those who would pluck it

There you may find new fires colors you have never seen before

A thousand imponderable phantasms

Still awaiting reality

In 2010, someone stuck women nudes  on the narrow streets and on the stairs at Lycabettous neighborhood. The project won publicity through free press magazines, attributed to an “unknown artist”.

The artist has now been found: he is Thanos Tsakonas, photographer, and he is going to complete his project in the frame of Public Issues.

The nudes, ready mades from a kinky calendar, will be on from 28 March, at Methonis and Themistocleous street, Exarheia, Athens.


Public Issues is a series of visual, or other, presentations concerning the public sphere. Young,  artists leave their comment-stigma in different parts of the urban, European, or other, public space. Openshowstudio is responsible for the coordination, documentation, communication and archiving of their actions.


Public Issue#9: The Τhird Eye@Liverpool station

Public Issue#9: The Τhird Eye@Liverpool station

"Randomly passing by Liverpool station, London, I noticed and shot the Indian colonial style arches on the ceiling over the crowd and fast food babel. Later on, I worked as usual by eliciting digital patterns from irrelevant photographic subjects. Working on the recently shot pictures of the Indian colonian style arches, I elicited... the Third Eye!!!.. In the European Mecca of materialism, London, the colonial past of the British Empire in the far more spiritual India, sprang out on my computer pushing me towards a spontaneous reaction: next day, I distributed to the passers the Third Eye of Liverpool station.

The action took place on the 6th December 2013 and was documentated by Aimy Palogiannidou and Marilia Stangkouraki.»

Sofia Touboura

Public Issues is a series of visual, or other, presentations concerning the public sphere. Young artists leave their comment-stigma in different parts of the urban, European, or other, public space. Openshowstudio is responsible for the coordination, documentation, communication and archiving of their actions.



Open at Contemporary Istanbul

We are very proud to announce our participation in the Plugin Istanbul at Contemporary Istanbul 2013
For info visit:


Mass Independent Fractionation (Open@ArtVerona)

Mass Independent Fractionation (Open@ArtVerona)

Mass-independent fractionation

Mass-independent (isotope) fractionation refers to any chemical or physical process that acts to separate isotopes*, where the amount of separation does not scale in proportion with the difference in the masses of the isotopes.


*i·so·tope (noun Chemistry): any of two or more forms of a chemical element, having the same number of protons in the nucleus, or the same atomic number, but having different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus, or different atomic weights.


The physical or chemical process described above is used as an enlightening analogue to the nature of two artistic couples’ co-existance and co-operation: Sofia Touboura and Thanos’ Tsakonas and Sofia Touboura and Panagiotis Samsarelos.

Sofia Touboura is a visual artist using various media, focusing in potential of transubstantiation through art, a social anthropologist and the main curator of Openshowstudio art project platform. Thanos Tsakonas is an art photographer, focusing in a variety of subjects, nature, nude, urban landscape, always in a rough yet slinkingly romantic way. Both are partly based in Athens, Greece. Together they recently founded  TAMTOI art & design in space, an initiation aiming to introduce contemporary Greek art scene in the field of everyday domestic or professional life of the audience, using, as a “Trojan horse”, reproducible, applied and thus affordable forms of presentation. Though TAMTOI team counts several artists, its’ basis are works that come as product of its’ founders’ co-operation.

Panagiotis Samsarelos is a visual artist using various media, specially interested in historical aspects of contemporary reality. Him and Sofia Touboura worked together in her series of large dimensional installations Unmonumental, episode 4 and 5, where he artistically appeared as a special guest. He also individually designs for TAMTOI, stating the course of this couple exactly the contrary of the first one.

The project aims to illustrate this very freely developing process leading from different and yet somehow connected solo art forms of expression, to common art work, and backwards.

Both individual and common art-works will be presented.


Participants: TAMTOI art’n’design, Sofia Touboura, Thanos Tsakonas, Panagiotis Samsarelos



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